Calling all Bloggers! 50 Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly!

This will be my first time using Shutterfly, but I have heard amazing things from other friends.  I also heard about their Holiday Card Giveaway from Laura Virginia’s Blog (here)

They are giving 50 Free Holiday Cards out those bloggers that post a write up about the Holiday Giveaway!

In order to receive 50 FREE Holiday Cards from Shutterfly, just post a write up on your blog!

Go HERE to check it out if you are interested!

Some of my favorite designs are:



(We all now how much I love my monogram)


Don’t you think that Sadie would look so cute on a Christmas card?  I do!

But you can check all of Shutteryfly’s Holiday cards out HERE if you are interested in ordering some for yourself!  They are all SO cute!

Shutterfly also has Christmas gifts like photo mugs, photo mouse pads, and my favorite the photo book!

This photo book is 8 X 11 and range in price from $23.99-$31.99, depending on your preferences.

I am partial to the photo book, because I am a huge scrapbooker.  The photo book allows you all non-scrapbookers out there a chance to have a wonderful keepsake!

Now go and check out Shutterfly!!

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