Just Call Me: Martha.

Martha Stewart that is.

One of my goals for January was to (try) and make a new recipe every week.  Well folks, I made two new recipes in less than 24 hours.  For those of you who do not know me, that is huge.  I hate loathe cooking.  I don’t know what it is about cooking, but I would rather pour milk in my cereal and have it in 2 minutes, than slave in the kitchen for 2 hours.  Just saying.

Well, I tried cooking and it was O.K.  I guess… Part of me just wanted to pitch the idea and just make a PB&J, but I persevered and made dinner.  It wasn’t anything special, and I don’t have pictures.  I was to frustrated with my simple dinner to take pictures.  I could have cried.   I made Southwest style quesadillas.  I made my way to the grocery store, half starved to death, to get food for my dillas.  To make them it is pretty simple.



Corn & Black Beans


I had to call my mom to figure out how to boil a chicken breast.  Is that even how you say it?  Boil?  Whatever, that is what I did.  Once “it turned white, and isn’t pink in the middle,” I took it out and shredded the chicken.  Then I made my dilla!  It was actually very, very delicious.  I also had a side salad.  AKA: Shredded lettuce and a little bit of dressing.  I was pretty excited for actually making something.  :)

Just pretend this is what it looked like. K?


My second recipe of the day was 5 ingredient peanut butter granola bars.  I found this recipe on How Sweet It Is.  Jessica has a great blog all about food, and how to make it.  I knew I was going to have to try them once I saw this recipe.  If you want to learn how to make them yourself click here.  She does a great job of explaining it!

My new apron that my mom gave me!  Never in my life would I have ever thought I would wear one of these…

Yummy, yummy!

I made the mistake of adding in the chocolate chips BEFORE the hot, melted peanut butter.  So the PB kind of melted the CC, and I have chocolate/peanut butter granola bars.

They taste like no bake cookies.  Really good. I was shocked.

Sadie and I are now waiting for Sally to get here!


3 responses

  1. So proud of your attempts at “cooking”! :) All you have to do is TRY and just look at what you can do! heehahee Keep on the look out for easy recipes… that’s key as you begin this new adventure. I don’t want you to get burnt out before you get started. :D

    I am so going to try to make those delicious looking PB granola bars!
    Pic of Sadie is precious!! Can’t wait to see my girls in a couple of days!


  2. Whoo-ee Katelyn, You are giving me HOPE! We gotta keep this “cooking” thing going generation to generation. You are doing great! If you have any of the bars left bring to lake. ha ha You know once you learn to cook you will have to take your turn at the lake. ha ha ha Just kidding! Love you!

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