Ignite Your Natitude

Last week at work there was a drawing for Nationals Baseball tickets! I put my name in and my friend put her name in and it turned out she won two tickets! She graciously gave me the second ticket and we were pumped up the entire weekend about spending a sunny day at Nats Park.

I rode over on the metro with hundreds, if not thousands, of other Nationals fans ready for the game! This was game three in the series against the Baltimore Oriols; the battle between the beltways.

A little tidbit about me… I love baseball. I know it is really hard to watch on TV, I can’t really do that unless it is the Braves or BoSox and then it only lasts for a few innings, but spring games like today are why I love baseball. Sitting in the sunshine, talking smack to the other players, baseball uniforms (I went ahead and said it. Especially when they pull up their pants and show their socks old school style), hearing the ball crack on the wood bats… everything. It was just a great day to play ball.

It was my first major league baseball game and I was so pumped to go. I had been to tons of NC State baseball games, and minor league games in Winston-Salem, but the south has one team, and that my friends is the Braves. Turner Field just so happens to be 6 hours away, so it’s not like I can spend a Sunday Funday watching the Braves play.

We won these tickets, and when we looked up the seats online we knew they were going to be out of this world good seats, but we didn’t know just how spectacular they would really be.

Can anyone say second row behind the O’s dugout? I sure can. It was magnificent. The only people in front of us were a family with two small kids who were more concerned with showing off for the “big kids” and only stayed for a few innings. The only thing in between me and the mound was a bunch of professional athletes. I’ll take it.

I witnessed not only my first major league home run, but FIVE home runs in one game. One of those runs just so happened to be from the Nationals starting PITCHER, Strasburg. If you know anything at all about baseball, then you know that pitchers don’t really hit home runs.  Everybody was on their feet going crazy. It was so cool. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the pitcher hitting his home run. I was too busy trying not to throw up my “wolf” sign with my hand. I did it once while I was cheering and realized… um, I am not at Carter Finley right now, people are looking at you like you are insane.

It was quite sunny outside so I came home with all kinds of tan lines and shoulder sun burns. It was a great day at Nats Park “enjoying the National past-time in the Nations capital” with a win over the O’s.

I will always love the Braves, but this whole being ten minutes away from a MLB park is something I will be able to get used to.




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