Rock n’ Roll & The Whole 30

Hello Friends,

I just got home from playing volleyball, where a teammate must not have heard the feral cry  of “mine” that escaped my large bass mouth and ran straight into my non-prepared thigh. Not only did he run into me, but his man knee jammed itself straight into my right leg at full speed. Let’s just say, it was a miracle of God that I kept things YMCA appropriate at that moment, and that I didn’t crash through the hardwood floor when I fell like an oak tree from the Redwood Forest.

I also just got done savoring a quarter pounder with cheese and a large Dr. Pepper, because tomorrow I start the Whole 30 Challenge.

I have wanted to do this for a long time, and I decided to wait for the first of the month. Well, that day has come, and it is October 1st, also known as D-Day for Katelyn’s taste buds. Let’s get some things straight…

1. I might have just realized that I couldn’t drink Dr. Pepper on this little challenge. lol. 2. I might have also just realized you can’t drink alcohol on this little challenge. lolz. The NC State vs. Wake game is on Saturday, and I am going, so that means Saturday I won’t be abiding by all rules of the Whole 30. Sue me.

It’s taking me ten years to write this post because I have been on Pinterest looking for recipes, but I am way more interested in watching Blake Shelton be the hottest man to grace this green Earth than browse healthy meals.

Needless to say, I am starting the Whole 30 today and I am going to write about how much it sucks on this blog. Also, I have half committed to running the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with my friend Laura in Raleigh this April. I say half committed, because I haven’t registered for the race yet. That ish costs $85 and I just don’t have that to throw around at the moment, but I do hope and plan to run the race. Even though it is beyond ridiculous you have to pay to torture yourself. It is the weekend before my 25th birthday, and why not ring in your quarter of a century birthday by putting yourself through miserable amounts of pain and do something you never thought you would ever do. I have been taking Sadie on a morning run every day, but I am not entirely sure how my leg will fare after being taken down my hundreds of pounds of solid man.

Be prepared for some extra witty and sarcastic posts in the future. I only think in sharp and angry tones when I am hungry, and I plan on being hungry for a solid 30 days. So it looks as if I am doing this whole shingdig for you as much as I am doing it for me. You might think that my negative attitude towards eating asparagus for 30 days is setting me up for failure, but I hate failure more than I love Cook-Out, so I will survive the next 30 days… even if I just have to eat cantaloupe for four weeks because I don’t know how to cook.

Cheers, because well, this is the only place where I can say that for the next 30 days… minus Saturday.







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One response

  1. I’m really impressed by your Whole 30 efforts. I always want to do it but then I chicken out. And don’t worry, I haven’t signed up for the race yet either!

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