Craft: Fall Wreath

I made one of these wreaths for my friends birthday last week and enjoyed the project so much I ended up making one for myself!
This is the original finished product for Lindsey! When I went back to get materials, of course I chose red as my accent color.

What you need:

1. 18″ (or whatever size you want, really) Styrofoam Wreath Form 2. a large package of tan raffia 3. two small color packets of raffia 3. three white/off white/or whatever you color you want fake flowers 4. Hot glue and hot glue gun – I got all of my materials from Jo Ann Fabrics & Crafts in Winston-Salem, but you can find these things at AC Moore or Micheal’s if you don’t have a Jo Ann’s.

Note: Raffia may look gorgeous on the finished product, but during the whole experience, you realize it was designed by the Devil. Try to make sure to keep the raffia “together” as much as possible during your wreath adventure. Even though I had done this once before, the material still got away from me a little bit.

How you do it:

Start by “peeling” away about an inch of raffia off the bunch and take one strand to wrap around all of the others to hold them in place. Once you have it bunched together, put a dollop of hot glue on your wreath form and hold the raffia bunch for 1-12 hot seconds until it stays. When I say “hot seconds” it doesn’t mean quick, it means hot. There is more than a slight chance you will burn your fingers, but it doesn’t hurt too bad. Repeat this step a whole lot, until only a third of your wreath form is showing.
Always make sure that you hot glue each bunch at the beginning and end on the same side of the wreath. You will be able to tell what side you hot glue on, and you don’t want to see any hot glued ends on the front side of your wreath. Also, you want to do the same wrap effect on the end before you hot glue down.
I liked the color overlapping the tan more than vice versa. My color section is only a third or a little less than the entire wreath, so I did all of my tan at once, and then did my red/blue.
I didn’t have my flowers yet for the red wreath, but here is the finished form with just raffia. For the flowers, I got 3 (my magic number) from Micheal’s with a 40% off coupon. I cut the stems and used the metal part of the bottom of the flower to puncture a hole in the wreath form, filled the whole with hot glue, and then stuck the little stem part back down in the hole and held until dry. All you want to do with the flowers is create a little cluster right at the edge of your color and tan raffia.

Side note: When you start wrapping make sure that you keep a straight edge with the raffia. The circular form of the wreath will make it start to slant as you go around, but if you double wrap at the end of your section/bunch it will help keep it straight. Also, you don’t want to wrap tightly, but keep it a little loose. You just want to make sure you can’t see any of the Styrofoam underneath.

And voila!

Happy Fall!


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