Whole 30: Week 1 (& Cheat Day)

Overall, this Whole 30 thing isn’t so bad. Do I want to stuff my face with cheese and drink a gallon of chocolate milk? Yes. But I have opted for eating like a rabbit instead.

I mentioned that cooking for one is really hard. I even tried it one night. I made a chicken breast with corn and a side salad. The side salad was fine, but the next two days I ended up throwing up and not having the most solid moments throughout my day. I do believe that I did not cook the chicken properly… and I definitely saw that one coming. My skills aren’t quality.

Since the chicken fiasco, I have focused a lot on fruit and veggies. I know they want you to incorporate a lot of meat into your diet, but… I don’t feel like vomiting on the daily.

Breakfast is my far my most challenging meal of the day. I have Pinterested my brains out looking for solid breakfast meals, and all of them are some sort of salad. Ain’t nobody got time to eat lettuce in the morning. Am I right or am I right? I am also very spastic in the mornings. I press the snooze button until the last possible second, and then bolt out of bed and run around like a crazy person all morning until it is time to go to work. Breakfasts have tended to end up as a banana with almond butter. I know eggs are still on the Whole 30 diet, but again, I don’t usually have time. If only I was adult enough to choose food over sleep.

Lunches are salads: spinach and romaine, cucumbers, pecan halves, tuna and oil & vinegar. I have grapes and cantaloupe as my sides. Dinner is pretty much whatever I can get thrown together. A lot of times… it’s another salad. I do have some sweet potatoes I have been throwing in the microwave, and even have a piece of salmon I got as a special treat to make for dinner tonight.

What I have noticed through the Whole 30:
- I have stopped snacking as much, which is really good for me. I tend to be a snacker more than a real meal eater, and focusing on meals rather than snacks has been a big positive in my dietary changes.
- Even though I haven’t noticed a change in my body (it’s only been a week), when I went to the doctor, I was down 3 pounds and do notice a huge change in the way I function. I say this because, when I did do a cheat day, I felt like CRAP. My stomach was cramping up, I thought I was going to die, I felt like I was 9 months preggo with a food baby… and all around felt terrible. As much as I love queso and milk, and after this Whole 30 will occasionally eat them, cheese really does make me feel like a cow.
- I haven’t missed bread as much as I thought I would. I am, hands down, a carbs girl. Give me the Mimi Rolls, I want the basket of free bread at the restaurant, I could stuff my face with fresh bread from Subway… carbs girl. This little victory in itself makes me feel pretty good. Now only if I could lose the dough on my body.
- Most of the recipes I have found incorporate avocados. All salads, eggs in the morning, with your whatever the weird food names are… avocados are always there. My problem with that is… I am allergic to that miracle food. I love them, but spend hours and hours throwing up after I eat them. This part really sucks, and is very challenging.

Cheat Day:
On Saturday I went to the NC State vs. Wake Forest football game in Winston-Salem, and it was so hot that anything I tried to drink sweat out of my pores within seconds. It was so hot. I also drank Angry Orchard Cider, which even though might have added sugars, is gluten free. So for a cheat, it was a draw. But since we lost, I did eat queso. Sue me.

Other than that, I have been doing pretty good. I had a TERRIBLE day at work yesterday and tried to cheer myself up with a small Dr. Pepper, but get this… I thought it tasted nasty. I feel so cheated in life at this moment. I didn’t taste the nectar of the gods, I tasted syrup, and it was nasty. So back to coffee with almond milk as creamer and water for me. I was pretty upset about it.

Well folks, that was my first week of the Whole 30. Hopefully I will have some fun meals in the future for you, and some pretty pictures… but don’t get your hopes up.


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  1. I haven’t read much on it, even though I’ve bought the book, It Starts With Food, so I dont know what you can have with eggs, but I’m a maniac in the mornings too, so I make egg muffins on Sunday to eat throughout the week. That may help you? Keep up the good work!

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