Fall Weekend

Welp, I am sitting here jamming to Miley Cyrus and eating cantaloupe because I just botched yet another meal in my oven. Seriously y’all, 1-800-godineedhelp. I have been hearing wonderful things about spaghetti squash, and after Pinteresting and purchasing a SS at Trader Joe’s for $2.50, I decided to give it a try. There were even instructions on a sticker when you bought the dang squash, and I followed them. I followed the directions, and still it came out terrible. For starters, you have to cook the thing for an hour. If it takes more than 15-30 minutes, I don’t want it. Alas, I still tried it, because I bought it so I was going to make. During this entire procedure I decided that it was time for me to get new kitchen knives. My knives from the Dollar Store aren’t going to cut it anymore. Pun intended, they literally cut nothing. So after I cut open this squash like I am cutting fire wood with a hatchet (I make it out with all of my fingers), and 60 grueling minutes later I pull this thing out of the oven and immediately want to throw it away. Nowhere on the directions does it say to scoop out the seeds, so I left them. Wrong move, DA. Whatever. So I tried to get the strings out of the squash, sprinkle some salt & pepper on that ish and took a bite. I didn’t even finish chewing. God, it was awful. AWFUL. Again I say, whatever.

Besides my yet again failed attempt on making a meal, I had a great weekend doing many Fall things. On Friday I went to the Dixie Classic Fair, because that’s what Southern people do in the Fall, and had a great time. I only had a couple bites of a turkey leg and a few samplings of a blooming onion. Take that Whole 30! (Where is the punch emoticon when you need it.) That’s a lot better than I wanted to do. I even skipped fried Oreos. Who the hell am I? I don’t even know.
IMG_5979 IMG_5983 IMG_5984
I am 100% a rides person, but let me just tell you that Enterprise was designed solely by the Devil. Let’s just spin as fast as we can while you are locked in a cage upside down, and the only way you don’t fall out is from g-force. Solid life decision. And this is coming from the person who’s favorite ride at the fair is the Zipper. If I can handle the Zipper, but not the Enterprise… there is an issue with the ride. I had a great time at the fair, as always, just walking around, people watching, eating and riding rides. I am hoping to go to the State Fair in a few weeks while I am in Raleigh house sitting. I am pretty pumped about that.

I also had a girls night pumpkin carving over at my friend Mary Catherine’s house. I had an absolute blast. It was great being able to hang out with girls my own age, have a glass of wine and pretending to be a kid. Megan brought a template book and there was a cat template. Of course, with my obvious love of cats, I just had to make a cat pumpkin.
IMG_5969 IMG_5972 IMG_5973 IMG_5977
Sadie did not get to partake and she was pretty bummed about it.

On Friday night I also attended my second ever high school football game! A great friend has a son who plays on the West Football team and I so enjoy going and watching the games. It doesn’t hurt to go with great company either. It’s not Carter Finley, but it’ll do.

Super exciting I know. I had grand plans of writing a spectacularly thoughtful post, but then I kitchen failed and wanted nothing to do with thoughtfulness. Maybe tomorrow my friends.


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