I Wanna Dance with Ben Rector

After the Color Run last Saturday, I had plans to go to the Ben Rector concert at The Fillmore. Ben Rector has easily become one of my favorite artists. The bow tie doesn’t hurt his ranks. One my guards, and friends, got tickets for her birthday, but none of her friends even knew who Ben Rector was. Dumbos. So her and I headed to The Fillmore, thinking how strange it was that we were somewhere together not in a bathing suit, and ended up having a total blast.


Now, let me just say that general admission/standing room only places kind of freak me out. I don’t like strangers. I especially don’t like strangers touching me… so when you are packed into a small space with a thousand strangers… you get the idea.

All of a sudden a stranger (or so I thought) grabs my arm! I wish I could telepathically let you feel the sheer panic in my brain that I felt at that moment, but when I turned around ready to face a strange drunk man… I found my college roommate!
Katie has been living in Senegal, Africa, the past two years and is gearing up to go back to Senegal for another THREE years! She is the coolest missionary I know, and I was so blessed to have seen her at the concert!

Ben looked totally precious in his navy suit, plaid shirt and untied bow tie. I might have verbally swooned when he came on stage. Whatever.
IMG_6065 IMG_6060

It was phenomenal concert and I would run to the next Ben Rector show. I love his music and sang my tone deaf heart out all night. I even considered buying tickets to his Durham show and going the next night. Yes, that good. So if you’re into the hipster dudes that sing love songs, take breaks in between songs to talk to the crowd, and is all around the most precious man alive… Ben Rector is the guy for you!

And it’s okay if you play the video above a ridiculous amount of times… I am on replay number eight.


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