A Little Spoiling

I have done and gone had myself a treat yo-self weekend. Now, I typically never spend frivolous money on myself. I am not the type of person that always goes out and buys all kinds of stuff and always has to have the newest and greatest. My MacBook is going on 7 years old, pretty much everything in my house has been handed down to me and the jeans I am wearing I have had for 5 years… So when I decide that I am going to spend some “fun money,” I really enjoy it.

I house sat in Raleigh last weekend, and my wonderful second parents are always beyond generous when I take care of their pups even though being able to stay in their house is awesome enough. They got this new bed that lifts up at the head and feet. Saturday morning I woke up, sat the head of the bed up into a sitting position and watched football all day long. It made me feel so much better about myself knowing that I was house sitting because JW was running a marathon. Solid life win.

So whenever I house sit, I always try to make myself spend it on things I want. The saver in me automatically wants to put it into an account I can’t touch, my IRA or put it towards rent, but since I never spend money on wants… I try to have fun with it. It really is hard when I first swipe my card, and I immediately want to return it and count my dollars, but I don’t… I allow myself to buy fun things. It hurts, but it is also needed every now and then.

For my first purchase I practically ran to Sephora.
I am sure all the blog ladies have had one of these for months, if not years, but I just decided to bite the bullet and buy one. My face now feels like heaven clouds and I do not have one bit of buyers remorse for this little do-dad. I got the one-speed Mia in purple and am in love. When the lady at Sephora told me I had to wait for it to charge for 24 hours I practically fell to the floor. What do you mean I have to wait 24 hours? I bought when I did because I need to wash my face now! And let’s just take a look to see how hard it is to take selfies with a DSLR.
IMG_3894 IMG_3898 IMG_3900

My next big purchase was a Lifeproof phone case. Now, I actually needed this phone case. I work at a pool for Pete’s sake and it has been a miracle that my phone has survived. Also, the first iPhone I trashed… I washed. So, getting a Lifeproof has been on the list of things for a very long time. I am just really trying to focus on the fact that a Lifeproof is cheaper than a new iPhone, because these cases are not in the budget for the average penny pincher.

Another big purchase was a dog bed for Sadie, but that lasted all of less than 24 hours. Sadie was not about to lower her standards to a dog bed. She pretty much slapped me in the face with her fan tail when I tried to get her to lay on the new dog bed and she laid right in front of it and put her head on the corner. I didn’t spend $50 for you to have a pillow. Needless to say her bed went back this morning. I tried to get her to pick a bed out herself at Pets Mart, and well, she is just too good for measly dog beds. The second we got home she jumped up on my bed and I knew immediately that-was-that.

Another recent venture has been “operation pretty hands.” I have always, and mean always, been a nail biter. I know it’s gross, I know under your nails is really dirty, I know “omg everybody touches that,” I just know. I have stopped biting, then started, and stopped more times than I can count on my nubs. Now that I am older and going to be dealing with professionals, I decided that it was high time to stop biting my fingernails, but I also knew I was going to have to change up my methods. I have tried the no-bite stuff, have painted my nails a different color every single day for 3 weeks to help me not want to bite. I have gotten acrylic nails that I have bitten through. Biting my nails is obviously a serious issue. So I tried something new. I spent some money and got Shellac nails. Now, they are not as thick as acrylics so you might be shocked I still haven’t bitten through them, but they are letting me gradually get used to having nails. My biggest issue with fake nails is I would go from nubs to nails, and it would drive me CRAZY! With these shellac nails, my nails grow naturally and I am still able to function as a productive member of society. They also don’t look like fake nails, which was another huge annoyance with acrylic. I can also get all the dirt from under my nails on the daily and the finger nail polish doesn’t chip off. I have been going every two weeks, and even though it is costing a little bit of money, it is well worth it to have so far succeeded in Operation Pretty(ier) Hands.

It's a forest green, not black. Trust me.

It’s a forest green, not black. Trust me.

Now I am off to enjoy my new toys and to not spend any more money for a good long while.


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  1. Love that pic of the Muffinator!! Also, what the world is a MIA? Do you love it? Does it clean your face like a dream? It would have to for all your talk about it. ha :) Glad you got some fun money to enjoy and splurge.

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