Locked Out

This mornings was one of those glorious mornings where I popped up out of bed at 7am without hitting the snooze button, and I was ready to start my day. (Note: this never happens, ever especially on a Monday.) I got in the shower, might have hummed a tune or two; I even brushed and blow dried my hair. Today was going to be a good Monday.

Then I locked myself out of my house in my pajamas with Sadie not on a leash.

Hello, Universe, I hate your guts.

Luckily though, I had my car keys and cell phone so I wasn’t completely SOL. You see, a few weeks ago my Lightning McQueen car key was removed from it’s home so my mother could have a key while I was out of town. I have been using my “running key” as my spare, by tying it to my key chain (it’s on looped ribbon) and then removing it for when I go run. Well, last night I removed it to go run and thought to myself “oh I will just put this back on in the morning.” I am full of my own lies.

Every morning I take Sadie to the park, and that’s where we were headed this morning when I pulled the door shut behind me. More often than not, the door knob has an automatic lock feature that I have been graciously thankful for everyday except this morning. I flipped around faster than a squirrel chasing a nut (or Sadie chasing a squirrel) and the door shut in my face. A choice word might have escaped my lips, and I kept shaking my door and turning the knob in hopes that it would somehow, magically, unlock itself and let me back into the house. No dice my friends.

So leash-less Sadie, and pajama-less me, made the trek all the way into the Clemmons to my mother’s school where she was happy to laugh at my misfortunes and return my rightful Lightning McQueen key.

And to think I was actually going to be on time today. Like that will ever happen.

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