Class of 2014

When I graduated in 2011 from NC State University, I hated, I mean loathed that I was going to have to graduate in the year 2011. I mean, it’s better than 2013 (anything is better than 2013), but 2011 just made my skin crawl. My dad pointed out that 2011 added up equals 4, so it’s an even number that I could live with. Adding it up to 4 is a lot better than another year of student loans! ;)

But I am finally going to get to be a part of a graduating class in an EVEN year. High school 2007… really? College 2011… double ew.

So I guess with all of this talk, I guess I should just come out and say that I was offered a spot in E.A Morris Fellowship for Emerging Leaders Class of 2014!

They told us they would let us know by the end of this week, and the end of the week it was. Right around 3:30pm on Friday afternoon I got an email letting me know my acceptance into the program. I don’t know how many they ended up accepting, but I am one of them, so it’s honestly nothing I am too concerned about.

I have already been connecting with other people from the Fellowship via LinkedIn. Let me just say, that I have not been on LinkedIn in quite some time. Like maybe a year to a year and a half. An entire day was spent frantically updating my page so they didn’t think I was still some intern in Burr’s office from 2010.

So what does this Fellowship mean? I know you are all dying to know, and I have explained it so much it’s practically become my elevator speech. It’s a Fellowship program in addition to my job. That means I work full-time where ever I am employed on top of the Fellowship. There is a one year commitment to the Fellowship. (You can see my panic rising at the words year long commitment.) There are three Fellowship Retreats across the state of North Carolina that are required as Fellows, and the E.A Morris Foundation does cover all travel and retreat cost. In addition to the required retreats, I choose 3-4 other leadership related events/seminars to go to throughout the year. Those costs are also covered. The big shebang of the Fellowship my community project. I find out more about this later, but I just know it’s a community project.

The Fellowship is a part of the E.A Morris Foundation sponsored by the John Locke Foundation which is a think-tank here in North Carolina. Though the fellowship is about leadership, there will definitely be a focus on non-profit conservative values in business and leadership practice.

So for those who are still confused… I am going to go on trips and meet lots of really cool people that share a similar political view (and maybe some cool people that don’t). Oh, and I don’t have to pay for it.

I am really excited about this opportunity and 2014 is shaping up to be quite the year.


p.s I accepted my offer. duh.

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7 responses

  1. Congratulations to My Best Girl!!! So excited for you and this super fabulous opportunity!!
    “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!!” ILYTTMAB!! xoxoxox

  2. After your last blog I researched and read all I could find about the Fellowship and was praying so much you would get the opportunity- and I am so thankful and excited for you. We look forward to following all that is happening so don’t forget to blog often. I love u much , and u know I am always thinking about u and praying for u. Mimi

  3. SO exciting and very PROUD of you!! I’ve always wanted to do exactly what you’re about to embark upon, so please keep us updated on your political adventures…can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I’m a proud Libertarian and politics are my passion, so I look forward to being educated as to what you learn. Oh, I see big things in your future, young lady! :) #CONGRATS #LoVE #happydance

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