10 Things I love about my Dad (but make fun of him for)

Today is my Dad’s birthday! He is turning 51! I know, I got a young dad. Too bad when Jacob is 24 you’re going to be like 80. ;)

I was inspired by Thought Catalouges article “13 Things Dad’s Pretend they Hate (but secretly love).” So this is my “10 Things I Actually Love about My Dad (but always make fun of him for).”

#10 – His collegiate affiliation confusion – I am 100% certain my dad only wears NCSU gear because he knew I would kill him if he didn’t. He came home one day all proud that he got a NCSU pull over… my mom got it from Goodwill for like $3.00. But he does it for me, which is the sweetest. NC State still beat WVU in the Champs Sports Bowl, no matter what Uncle Philip says. They would do it again. So there.

#9 – That he falls asleep in doctors offices – This one time, I had to go to the dermatologist, and the doctor there creeped me out beyond all beyond. I had to take the appointment with him, because I lived in DC and needed to be seen by a doctor stat. I asked my dad to come with me and he did, and when I walked out of the back, I found him PASSED OUT snoring in the waiting area. hahahaha omg it was the best moment of my life. I have uploaded pictures from my phone and cleaned out my photos on my phone multiple times… but this gem will never be deleted.

#8 – The way he tells stories – It has gotten the point he has told the same story so many times he can keep a straight face, so while everybody else has tears spilling out of their eyes from laughing so hard. He keeps it together while he talks about how he convinced me to believe during one of his drug launches that they were going to fill a rocket full of medicine that would explode over the world and cure the world of asthma. So much so, I went to school the next day and requested it for prayer. I believed this from 6th grade until he told me the truth… when I was a sophomore in college. And let’s not get started on the Aunt Carol stories.

#7  His “uniform” – My dad has worn the same sweater for the past 25 years. It got so bad we bought him a new sweater, exactly the same as the old one thinking he would get rid of the old one. Wrong, he wears the new one under the old one. He also gets a new pair of slippers for Christmas, because well, no uniform is complete without bedroom slippers. Also, insert the pajama pants that are pulled up higher than Steve Urkel.

#6 His Pajamas – They really do deserve their own number after all the making fun of him we do about his pj’s. My Dad always wears the silliest of pajamas. My all time favorites are the Smurf pajamas. Yes, my father owns fleece smurf pajamas. The first time Marc came over to meet him, I called him and said “please do not wear your smurf pajamas.” Don’t worry, he didn’t wear the smurfs… he changed into the candy canes.

#5 How he tells time – My dad doesn’t tell time, he exaggerates plus/minus 5 hours. “Hey Dad, what time is it?” “It’s 5:30pm.” *checks my phone and it’s 4:45* “Hey Dad, when do we need to leave?” “5 minutes” *ready in 10 minutes… Dad still in his uniform* “Hey dad, when does {insert this event here} start?” “At 6:00pm” *checks event website… event starts at 7:30pm* This happens daily.

#4 THREE SECOND RULE OR DIE – If you follow a car closer than three seconds they are going to slam on their breaks and you will die. But does he really always follow the three second rule? No. (You really don’t.) I’m pretty sure he only says it when he knows we are paying attention. I’ll look up from my iPod for a second (I can only take so much talk radio), and all of a sudden, “do you notice that I am following the three second rule?” Yes, Dad. “Always make sure when you are following car you follow the three second rule.” Yes, Dad.” And do not ever go more than five miles over the speed limit, ever. Ever.

#3  When he has to cook dinner – He orders pizza or he makes egg drop soup. I think he has upgraded to a third meal of heating up frozen chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries. 

#2 He watches iCarly – Like the Nickelodeon TV show, iCarly. I haven’t caught him watching this in a while, but it was always one of my favorite things to tease him about. “It really is a good show, Katelyn.” 

#1 That is favorite song is Who Let the Dogs out by the Baha Men – In case you need a refresher. He bought the CD, y’all. BOUGHT THE CD. He claims it’s because he needed a song for Jacob’s soccer team pump up song, but he is lying. He loves that song.

The honorable mention includes the fact that he has a handy dandy iPhone, but never takes it with him ANYWHERE. There is going to be a day when I actually am in an emergency you know.

So happy birthday to the worlds best dad! Thank for all of the encouraging emails, always going to sports games with me, being my personal accountant (even when I get married I will call you first), my handy man, my main mover, taking care of Sadie always, and somebody I can always talk to about the hard stuff.

I love you! Now go back to being a Papa.


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