Well hey strangers!

I am sitting in a Starbucks in Pinehurst, NC, getting ready to go check in to The Holly Inn for my first E.A Morris Fellowship retreat! It’s a beautiful day here, and I am pumped for this first retreat. We are all staying in the historic city of Pinehurst, and I feel way fancy. haha My dad has already tried to get me to get him a discount on course #2. (Ever heard of the U.S Open?)

A lot has been happening over in my neck of the woods. I am very thankful for being able to stay unrealistically busy over the past several weeks. A sore spot in my busy life came a few weeks ago when I found out my landlords will not let me re-sign my lease for the next year. When approached about re-signing my lease, I asked for a 6-month or 12-month with potential military out clause. I would have loved to sign for another year, but once the landlords knew of my potential to break the lease they would not let me re-sign. I know, I know… right after I show you what the nook looks like, I will be moving AGAIN! It’s the story of my life.

I went to The Melting Pot for the first time for Marc’s step-sisters birthday dinner. It was an experience to say the least! We were there for three hours, and had a heated debate over whether or not our waiter looked like “Jack” Leonardo DiCaprio or “Growing Pains” Leo. I voted Jack. It was just what the doctor ordered.

I have also gotten several letters! I have never stalked somebody more in my life than the mailman those first three weeks until my first letter. Poor mail man. Marc is doing great, but it’s very frowned upon to post updates on the internet. So just know he is doing great, and we are down to 9 weeks!

I cut five inches off my hair! Yup, sure did. It’s right at my collar bone now. I didn’t mean to, but I cut it right where it looks like it’s in that awkward growing out phase. Go me, but I am not going to cut it any shorter. haha I am just going to let it grow and get healthy. It’s been 6-8 months since I cut my hair, and it was starting to look bad. Since my boyfriend isn’t anywhere near me, and can’t even see what it looks like… I figured why not cut it? haha I’m sure y’all will see a picture after I selfie myself to death at my retreat this weekend.

I also started coaching a U8 girls soccer team! They are the most precious little girls, and I am not sure why I haven’t started coaching before this season. Our jerseys are dark green, and so they named themselves the Shamrocks! Our first game is tomorrow morning, so I won’t be able to make it. Thankfully, I am coaching with my really good friend Mary Catherine and she is going to lead the Shamrocks to their hopeful first victory! These littles don’t know how to play soccer at all. I wish I could see them run around and kick in a game setting. Teaching them how to throw in this week during practice was quite comical. Coach MC has “special spray paint” when sprayed on your shoes make your feet stick to the ground. I have no doubt she will have to whip that out tomorrow during the game.

Well, I have to go check into the Holly Inn and get ready for our formal dinner tonight at The Carolina Hotel. This Fellowship is looking better and better as the days go by!

Until next time,


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